Thursday, March 27, 2008

"The quote of the day"...

Hello again! We just want to share a fun family tradition that we have. We call it "the quote of the day". As many of you know, we have hilarious children. And as many of you know, kids say the funniest things. We decided that we would really regret it if we didn't start documenting some of the great quotes we have picked up from our kids. Jacquie keeps track of the funniest ones in her journal.

Well, in all honesty, "the quote of the day" usually jumps right out of Landon's mouth. You just never know what he's going to say! Here's one of our favorites from the Landon archive. :)

~This quote came after a moment of reflection when Landon was doing the forbidden; jumping on the bed...and not just any bed, but the bottom bed of our bunk beds...
"Ohhhhhh.... So, that's why they call it a bunk bed: because that's where you "bunk" your head!"

~This one is in pure Joshua style...Jacquie was sharing a story of something that happened when she was little. The conversation went something like this:
Jacquie-"When I was a little girl, ...." (and then she related something about singing, or something...)
Jeremy-"Oh yeah, that happened to me too."
Joshua-"So Dad, you used to be a little girl?"

~This is our most recent "quote of the day", provided by Wesley (the king of deep reflection):
Joshua likes to have his hair look just a certain way. He will also go check it many times during the day to make sure it still looks "perfect". We were teasing Josh that he is paranoid about the way his hair looks. After a few minutes Wesley said,
"Josh, you are so HAIR-anoid!"

So, there you have it! That is where we get our comic relief...straight out of the mouth of babes!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


OH MY GOODNESS!!! There is just nothing like a big, huge smile for the sleep deprived! We are having so much fun SMILING at our house. Our kids all have bright, beautiful smiles and it really helps out when we are feeling overwhelmed. Allison and Jackson are smiling so much now and it is so very rewarding. They can brighten up anyone's mood and really fill our lives with sunshine!

Jackson is so much fun. He loves to smile and is at that wonderful age where smiling consists of twinkly eyes and the full body wiggle.

Allison is a jovial little girl! She smiles about everything...Sometimes we are busy, and we look at her and she is smiling to herself! She is such a doll.

Landon, Landon, Landon... What a guy! When it comes to smiling, Landon still has those big, brown sparkly eyes. But, there is nothing to compare with Landon's happy spot! (His adorable dimple up by his eye)

Wesley is the smiling, toothless wonder! He sure loves showing off his smile nowadays. He is making bank this year and we aren't sure how much longer the toothfairy is going to hold up! Joshua has such a cute smile, and all those freckles he is getting sure add to the overall effect. He loves to smile at someone when they are in a bad mood. Just try being grumpy when Josh is grinning at you! So overall, we vote that smiles are indispensable to our very survival! It's a good thing that we all have so much to smile about!