Saturday, January 19, 2008

There are no strings on me!!!!

We're finally updating the pictures of the twins! For some odd reason, we have not had a lot of time to keep you all posted! Can't imagine why...

Jackson and Allison are doing wonderful! They are off oxygen and off their monitors. It is an incredible blessing to be "cord-less"! Imagine walking around with these little ones and moving more than three feet from their crib! That will teach us to appreciate the little things!

We have two angelic babies. We couldn't have asked for better little ones. They are both such great sports and really give us all so very much to smile about. (Even at 3am!)

Allison is doing great. She has bright blue eyes and is extremely patient. She always has a bow in her hair and is a pretty pink princess. We are all having so much fun having a baby girl in our family. Imagine seeing pink in our house! Miracles do happen!

Jeremy is really having a great time (despite his blood shot eyes from lack of sleep!)
We always knew Jeremy was Super-Man... Now we have real proof!

Jackson is an incredibly cute little guy! He has bright, alert eyes and loves to see everyone and everything in the room. He has a little temper and does not like to wait for his dinner!

We swear (not any profanities) that we have seen each of them smile. It may just be bad gas, but it sure is cute. Jackson has even giggled.

Jackson and Allison love to be close to eachother. Sometimes when they are upset, we will just hold their little heads next to eachother and they calm right down. We're sure they will have a special bond as they grow together.

Both babies are growing very well. They are approaching seven pounds already! They like to eat and it shows (in both of Alli's chins).

Thank you for all of your prayers and help in getting them here safely. We are so incredibly blessed!