Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Jenna Henna Lynna got married!  (Don't mind the nick is an inherent MacKnight gene that cannot be remedied!) In case you don't know, Jenna is my baby sister.  I love that little girl!  She has an enormous heart and I am so lucky to have such angel sisters.    

She married Jeremy on June 18th, and was it ever a beautiful wedding.  She was a beautiful, beautiful bride.  She and Jeremy are such a stunning couple.  We sure love them!      

Little Landon was the all-important "ring-bearer", and boy did he take his job seriously.  Annie (Ronnie and Beronica's little girl) was the flower girl.  Those two were a beautiful little duo.

We even got a shot of our little big crew.    

We will have more pictures soon.  The photographer was so much fun and he took some incredible shots.  When we get some more pics, we will add them on here.  But for now, we congratulate Jenna and Jeremy!  We love you two! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Check out our WIGGLY BABIES!

Here is a little video clip Jeremy took on our camera.  It's a little dark and fuzzy, but you can get the general picture.  We get such a laugh out of watching how incredibly wiggly these little ones are.  They are so excited to go somewhere, anywhere!  It won't be long and they will be running around with the big brothers.  But for right now, we'll just enjoy their wiggles while they stay put in one place...