Thursday, December 20, 2007

The twins are doing well

These babies are doing very well. They finally had their I.V.s removed and are just working on feeding well. Here are some of the pictures.

They are here!

We are excited to tell you that our babies are finally here! They were born Monday the 17th at 8:20pm. Our boy, whose name has not been placed yet, was 5 lbs 7 oz. Our girl, which we have come to believe is Allison Marie, was 5 lbs 3 oz. Jacquie is doing remarkably well recovering from the C-Section. The Hospital admitted the babies to NICU because when they arrived at 36 weeks, they had trouble breathing. After about twelve hours, they were both off their oxygen tubes and doing well. They are both perfectly normal and doing fine. The NICU seems to want to keep them for several days, even though they are passing all their tests with flying colors. Please send all your prayers that we will be able to bring them home soon. Thank you for all your prayers so far; they have all been answered. And thank you to all those that have been helping us keep our lives together while we recover. We love you all. We will post some pictures soon. (All the ones we have have tubes and wires all over the little ones.) They don't have all the wires and tubes now, but I keep forgetting to get the good pictures for the blog. Don't worry... I know Grandma has taken plenty.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

We're still here and waiting...patiently?

Hello everyone. We thought you might enjoy an update on the babies...
We are still waiting for some kind of official labor, instead of all of this consistent labor that is a regular everyday occurrence. At this point, both babies are breech (and they seem to be quite content to remain so!) They are growing great and as of today's ultrasound, Doctor Naisbitt says there is eleven-almost twelve lbs. of baby between the both of them. There is no pressing need to schedule a c-section at this point. We think the babies are content to stay where they are for the next eighteen years or so...
We are praying that we will be welcoming these new little ones soon...very soon for Jacquie's sake.
We hope you are all enjoying this beautiful time of year and we will keep you posted soon.
Love, Jeremy and Jacquie

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hi, I'm Wesley!

"I love it that there's twins on board! I love my Mom and Dad. My brothers are crazy!
I'm excited to have a new baby brother and sister because then I can give them presents for their birthday. I'm going to love it that I can help with the babies. I'm excited to see how they look. I want to help rock them to sleep.
This is what I'm excited about right now: I'm excited about the babies! I'm excited about Christmas! I'm excited that I get to play in the snow all winter! I'm excited that I can build a snowman! I'm excited that I can have snowball fights with my brothers! I'm excited that I can help my Mommy!
I'm six years old now. I really like to: play in the snow, go to football games with Angela, stand in front of our fire to keep warm, play with LEGOS, play the piano, and make up songs in my head. I'm an artist, and I love to draw and color and paint. I also really love trains!
I can't wait until I'm nineteen years old so I can go on a mission. And then the twins can send me letters! I gotta go now because I want to find something to eat, because I'm really hungry! Love, Wesley"

This is Joshua!

"Hi! I'm Josh. I'm really excited about the babies coming. It's just really cool! Like really, really, really cool....I just don't know how my Mom does it, because the babies look really big and heavy to carry! She's a pretty strong woman!
I'm so excited that the babies are coming because now I get to be the big babysitter! And it will be cool that I get to play with them everyday. But, I might have to help with diapers and I'm not sure how much I'll like that! But, I'm okay with it.
Right now I'm nine years old. My favorite thing to do is READ! It's also reallly fun to build things with LEGOS. I also like to play soccer and I like Scout stuff.
I can't wait 'til I'm sixteen, because then I can drive the twins around...I guess Wesley and Landon can have a ride, too.
Right now I'm most thankful for my brothers, and my Dad, and my Mom, and all my friends; like you!
Hope you can see the babies too! Love, Josh"

Monday, December 10, 2007

The End is Near...

We believe the end is coming! It seems that all is well and all we have to do now is wait. The waiting seems as though each day takes a month and each week...we won't even go there! We are sure excited to meet the two chosen ones. We have their places ready and waiting. Joshua (age 9), Wesley (age 6), and Landon (age 4), are sure excited to meet their new baby brother and sister. They are praying like crazy that we will get to meet them soon.
Seeing is believing; and that is the only reason Jacquie let Jeremy put this picture on here. There is a whole lot of baby going on around here! Jacquie looks the same as she ever did...except with a large beach ball under her shirt...
At the last ultrasound a week ago, both babies were measuring well over 5 lbs.! We figure that alone is a miracle...
We need all the prayers you can give.

Welcome to the Ostler Family Spot!

A new day a new time;
the Ostlers are online!
We have decided to create this fun spot to keep all our loved ones informed about our many happenings. Our small family is not so small anymore. Now that our "baby" is four and a half and we have been diaper free for two years, we have decided to embark on the most dangerous diaper mission ever....TWINS!
We hope to be able to keep everyone informed of our twins and their safe arrival and the rest of our crew via this site. So, feel free to come and check out our up to date info. And feel free to leave any comments...we would love to hear from you!