Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We actually have a GIRL!!!

[Disclaimer:  This post may contain what appears to be favoritism...Don't worry--it isn't.  It is just pure gratitude and excitement about our little girl FINALLY arriving!]

I know....shocking, but true!  We actually have a GIRL!  And what a girl she is... She just came that way.  She loves girly things and it thrills us to no end!  
We have four ADORABLE boys and they are 110% BOYS...and they love all sorts of "boyish" things.  We have eaten, slept, played, breathed, boy things for so long...AND we love boys!  They are funner than fun!    
And then...all of a sudden we find ourselves in BRAND NEW TERRITORY!  Alli loves all things pretties, bracelettes, purses, dresses, clothes, high heeled shoes, lip gloss, flowers...!!! (and the list goes on...)
We love our little princess Alli.  She is like a breath of fresh air!  She goes out in the lawn and gathers all the little clover flowers and brings them to us.  She insists on smelling ALL flowers!
We caught a couple pictures of her enjoying herself thoroughly with some fresh cut roses.  
Oh life's simple pleasures!!!  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BERNIE, the turtle!

Well, this may be a sad entry for Josh, Wes, and Landon....  We almost had a pet turtle!  We were all out working in the garden sometime in May when one of our neighbors called the boys over to his yard to see something!  Sure enough, there was a TURTLE in his yard!  It had somehow made it through the fence and come from the golf course.  A turtle in UTAH!  We were all shocked!  
Well, our nice neighbor told the boys that they should really take him home and do a huge research project on turtles...(You can imagine my excitement...) 
Our neighbors even helped us come up with a name.  "Bernie" is our neighbor's nick-name and we all thought it quite fitting!
So, because I temporarily lost the "no" in my vocabulary, we took him home and began an enormous research project.  We learned a lot about turtles!  
Bernie spent one whole day at the Ostler house.  He looked sad though.  He only went swimming a few times and usually just hid inside of his shell.  
So, I called every pet shop in Layton and also Animal Control.  Everyone of them told me that turtles live very happily in Utah, year-round. (Imagine that!)  They hibernate all winter long and enjoy the rest of the year swimming in ponds and other wetlands.  So, where do you find the most ponds in Utah?  Of course the golf course!  The pet shops and Animal Control told us we should put him back in his pond on the golf course and that he would live very happily there.  
So, after a very sad farewell, we climbed the fence to the golf course and a very sweet golfing couple agreed to take Bernie to the happiest pond they could find.  
There you have it... Our brief, but happy, encounter with Bernie the turtle!  

What a fun MacKnight party!

Thanks to Jared and Janey, we got to have a great little getaway over Memorial Day Weekend!  We went to Janey's family's cabin in Island Park and we even got to go to YELLOWSTONE!  It was a bit of a drive for all SEVEN of us, but we had so much fun that we hope we will eventually forget about that drive...

Here are the boys and "Uncle Jungle-Gym":
And here is Jerd and Alli having some bonding time!
The bebes LOVED having some freedom to wander in the woods and get really dirty...I don't have a picture of it, but our boys absolutely love to be mountain men.  They explored and gathered materials to build their own miniature log cabin, they had exhilarating four-wheeler rides and every other sort of fun thing!  
Here is Jackson making the most of his time at Yellowstone Park...(You have to give the little guy some credit, He spends a great amount of time with his little bum glued to the stroller!).
Old Faithful was AWESOME!  And you can't believe what happened RIGHT next to us... This guy totally got down on one knee and proposed to his girl right when Old Faithful went off!  We were all congratulating him when she said yes!  
The scenery in Yellowstone is breathtaking!  I don't think anyone would mind too much if I just move in to the park.  We could have spent a full week exploring and never be ready to leave.
Anyways, we had a wonderful time and set a new record.  This was the most MacKnight siblings we have ever gotten together on one trip!  It is so much fun to love your brothers and sisters as much as we do.  If I had to hand pick my brothers and sisters, I would totally pick each one of them.  They are incredible AND incredibly funny!  Thanks for all the fun you adorable thginkcam's!    

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's actually still Mother's Day!

After a late night and an early morning with babies, I woke up to the cutest thing EVER this morning.  Landon came in my room carrying a cookie sheet (his waiter tray) loaded with a delectable breakfast in bed.  He said "Happy Mother's Day Mom!".  He is an adorable and thoughtful little boy....And then some!  
Imagine my surprise when he handed me my feast!  A yogurt and spoon, bread with plenty of strawberry jam, and a beautiful spread of tortilla chips!  
Landon, you are the best!  Thank you for your perfectly thoughtful breakfast.  It tasted amazing!  It was bursting with love....As are you!  
Here's to the moments we mothers will never forget!  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Partners in crime...

We have soooo many pictures that we've never put up of our little ones.  We figured we'd choose a couple fun ones that document just how much fun Alli and Jackson have being twins.  They LOVE each other and they are ALWAYS together.  They follow each other around the house and create havoc anywhere they can.  They love to love each other most of the time....They recently have started to get really upset with each other and have started to try out their new teeth on each other!  Ouch!  But, for the most part they just have so much fun having a built in best friend.  
Here are some of their twin milestones lately:  They have learned how to play tag with each other, kiss each other, bite each other, giggle at each other (for reasons none of us are privy to!), climb in drawers with each other, unroll lots of toilet paper together, open doors together, splash in the toilet together, feed each other (whatever food or non-food items they find on the floor), and copy-cat just about everything the other one does or says! 
Here are a few pictures we get a kick out of...

Oh the fun these two have brought to every one of us in this little big family.  We never EVER have a dull moment!  By the way....we will soon post updates on all the boys.  We eat, sleep and drink in babies around here, and sometimes I'm sure the boys feel a little jipped.  We'll let you know what they have all been up to soon.