Friday, August 29, 2008


We have TWO babies!  I know that is common knowledge...But, it hits us at random times everyday.  Like when you walk into a room and you see TWO babies playing together on the floor.  
Our sweet babies are growing so fast!  They are eight months now.  In some ways life is getting a little easier.  But, in other ways the fun has just begun!  They are both teething full force and still have an aversion to sleeping at night.  Jer and I sometimes feel like this is some kind of dream, as we are sure that we are just walking in our sleep most of the time.  It is actually quite surprising just how little sleep you can get and still operate!  
Whenever we feel run-down, we just snuggle these sweeties and score some huge smiles and giggles and we realize that it is worth every bit of work.  We are so blessed to have Allison and Jackson in our family.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The value of silverware...

We had a great dinner last week for Family Home Evening.  We took the opportunity to try to instill a little bit more appreciation in our children for silverware! (which some of our boys have had little or no use for up to this point!)  We chose the craziest utensils we could find in our house and numbered them.  Then, everyone picked a number out of a bag, and VOILA!  Silverware Gratitude 101 began...

Jer sporting his sweet whisk!

What a sight to behold!  We couldn't tell if it was all that hard to eat using our ridiculous utensils because we spent most of the meal laughing!

Shovel it in Landon!  (1/3 cup at a time!)

Wesley was a pro with his avocado slicer and potato masher... He actually totally surprised us all as the most talented participant in our crazy dinner!

How about a tea strainer, anyone?  Josh thought it was quite convenient, actually!

Angela looked dainty with her toothpicks and mini spatula!

Jacquie was left with the salad tongs, which proved to be a rather tidy experience surprisingly enough!

Overall, we had a totally fun and memorable experience.  Now, do our boys appreciate silverware anymore than they did before?  I doubt it... But, I am sure we will always remember our desperate efforts nevertheless!