Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our little tie-die babies!

Our new street name...

So, our street is named after some numerical configuration that helps anyone be able to locate it.  However, as practical as street numbers have been in the past, I think we are ready for change.  We have decided that it would only be appropriate for our street to be renamed "Alaskan Way".  It's the strangest snows and blizzards and blows and snows some more, on our street.  Then, we decide to brave the world and leave "Alaskan Way", and to our surprise:  IT IS NOT SNOWING, BLIZZARDING, BLOWING, or anything else of the like anywhere else EXCEPT on our street!  Go figure!  Thus, the urgent and necessary name change.  
Here is adorable Josh, up to his waist in the glorious snow!
It's a good thing we can send communication via email, because the postal system is not currently very practical...
Jeremy is 5'11"...and the pile of snow behind him is catching up very quickly!
And, somewhere behind this beautiful mountain o' snow is where we live.  Our boys LOVE to sled down our crazy hill on the side of our house.  So, all of this snow brings them great joy and satisfaction.  I have not (and probably WILL not) document any sledding adventures through pictures, however.  They are crazy dare-devils out there and some things are better for a mother not to see.  
Anyways, here's what has been happening lately on "Alaskan Way"!