Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We actually have a GIRL!!!

[Disclaimer:  This post may contain what appears to be favoritism...Don't worry--it isn't.  It is just pure gratitude and excitement about our little girl FINALLY arriving!]

I know....shocking, but true!  We actually have a GIRL!  And what a girl she is... She just came that way.  She loves girly things and it thrills us to no end!  
We have four ADORABLE boys and they are 110% BOYS...and they love all sorts of "boyish" things.  We have eaten, slept, played, breathed, boy things for so long...AND we love boys!  They are funner than fun!    
And then...all of a sudden we find ourselves in BRAND NEW TERRITORY!  Alli loves all things pretties, bracelettes, purses, dresses, clothes, high heeled shoes, lip gloss, flowers...!!! (and the list goes on...)
We love our little princess Alli.  She is like a breath of fresh air!  She goes out in the lawn and gathers all the little clover flowers and brings them to us.  She insists on smelling ALL flowers!
We caught a couple pictures of her enjoying herself thoroughly with some fresh cut roses.  
Oh life's simple pleasures!!!