Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BERNIE, the turtle!

Well, this may be a sad entry for Josh, Wes, and Landon....  We almost had a pet turtle!  We were all out working in the garden sometime in May when one of our neighbors called the boys over to his yard to see something!  Sure enough, there was a TURTLE in his yard!  It had somehow made it through the fence and come from the golf course.  A turtle in UTAH!  We were all shocked!  
Well, our nice neighbor told the boys that they should really take him home and do a huge research project on turtles...(You can imagine my excitement...) 
Our neighbors even helped us come up with a name.  "Bernie" is our neighbor's nick-name and we all thought it quite fitting!
So, because I temporarily lost the "no" in my vocabulary, we took him home and began an enormous research project.  We learned a lot about turtles!  
Bernie spent one whole day at the Ostler house.  He looked sad though.  He only went swimming a few times and usually just hid inside of his shell.  
So, I called every pet shop in Layton and also Animal Control.  Everyone of them told me that turtles live very happily in Utah, year-round. (Imagine that!)  They hibernate all winter long and enjoy the rest of the year swimming in ponds and other wetlands.  So, where do you find the most ponds in Utah?  Of course the golf course!  The pet shops and Animal Control told us we should put him back in his pond on the golf course and that he would live very happily there.  
So, after a very sad farewell, we climbed the fence to the golf course and a very sweet golfing couple agreed to take Bernie to the happiest pond they could find.  
There you have it... Our brief, but happy, encounter with Bernie the turtle!  


Zach said...

You just might have to go golfing sometime just to see if you can catch a glimpse of Bernie in one of the ponds!

B said...

Wow Hi Bernie, and fond farewell too. The boys are so cute with their Stylin' hair. Who was the nice couple to take Bernie the rest of his way home?

Emily said...

oh so bitter sweet, the pics even looked like your boys were ready to cry, I would cry too.

well I guess you know what kind of pet to get when your little gerbils go to heaven.

McPherson family said...

Well, I didn't post it, but last year my husband found a turtle in the grass of a parking lot and we took it home. It was missing a foot. Poor thing! Well we kept it a few days, but it wouldn't eat anything and I was feeling bad and we decided to let it go. We couldn't keep him happy in a cage. My boys were sad too, but I think you did what was best. Anyway, I also wanted to tell you that I made my blog private so I need your email address so I can add you if you want. I won't make you leave it on my site, so I will give you mine and you can email me if you want to so I can add you. It is very fun to read what you are up to. I just found your mom's too, that is so much fun!!! I am trying to do better about updating mine too.

Randi said...

o my gosh it is so cute and little
sad your mom did not let you keep it


ps comment me

Laurie or Fred said...

I am glad to see that the Ostler Family is doing well. It has been so long since I have seen you last that your children look completely different. I didn't know you had five children. Good work! Love you all.
Fred and Laurie Murray