Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Woah! It's been a long, long, very long time...

I had an amazing moment last month that I wanted to document. Jeremy took me and the children to the Zoo for my birthday. We had a delightful time. And the most amazing thing happened... we took our whole family to the zoo WITHOUT a stroller! Seriously! We didn't bring diapers or wipes or diaper bags or even a stroller. And it was a perfect day. Everyone walked leisurely around the zoo. We admired the animals and held hands and our entire family walked on their own.
It was a huge breakthrough for us. Jeremy and I looked at eachother and said, "I think we're actually going to make it through this!"
We are so very blessed. Our children are inexpressible blessings to us. And there is something so dreamy about three year old twins...most of the time. :)


mamaseversike said...

Well, thanks for sharing, and welcome back to the land of the livin'! I totally understand the large gaps, there are only so many hours in a day! Your family is so cute! Congratulations on the "everyone moving under their own steam" milestone. :)

AngelGirl said...

Jacquie, beautiful! Some spectacular pics!!
Love you all.